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Are you Sober Curious? Do you want to stop drinking or are you trying to drink more moderately? In a world where you may be questioned for not drinking with the crowd, we’ll help you to find your own path. Join this vibrant, international community. Alcohol is the only drug that people question you for NOT using. Rethink the Drink.


“The Boozemusings Community Boom is a door I stumbled through to a completely new life.  Lights are shined in corners I didn't know existed--it's like being an explorer in a new world.   It's my first open in the morning when I wake up.  It introduced me to quit-lit which helped save me in the early going.  It's the ONE place I can be 100% honest. It's close, it's personal, it's perfect for me.  It's saving me.”

“It was a random day of internet searching that brought me to Boozemusings Blog and to Boom Community, and my life has been changed by it.  I needed some kind of "epiphany" for a mind change, and I have learned things about alcohol and its physical effects that have given me that kind of enlightenment.  I check in several times a day and it is like meeting with my family.  The resources here are incredible, and inexhaustible.  I have quit lit books, etc.  Will check out some of the other resources in others' responses, but for me, Boom has been the answer.  I feel it has to do with the tireless work of Boom's creators.  Thank you, Boom!!!!!!!”

“Accountability, caring, and the resources are amazing, quit lit recommendations and omg the mindset change from reading the experiences and stories and victories of people on here, so uplifting, amazing, hopeful and proof sober can be done and can be fun!”

“Dear Boom Community: We met on a night when I wasn’t really feeling my best, and to be honest, I didn’t think twice about our meeting. I think you might have known, though, before me that this would be something special. You saw that my kind was untrusting and prickly around the edges having been abused and beaten up one too many times. Thank you for sticking around. You make my life better. You’ve taught me what good relationships are and slowly built my trust up again. I appreciate the little things… like how silly you are in the morning when my eyes remain foggy and ears shudder at noise. You’re a breath of fresh air after too many bad experiences.”


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